Where do we get our information from?
Our festival line-ups are provided by the lovely people at Songkick, while our music comes from the wonderful Team Spotify.
How does the Expedia Festival Playlister work?


Just kidding.

The Playlister uses the Application Program Interface (API) provided by Songkick to generate the line-up of each festival. Then, using Spotify’s API, it can generate a list of all songs by each artist playing, ordered by popularity, allowing us to present you with either their most or least popular song.

We’ve excluded singles and appearances on compilation albums to avoid duplication, and have also excluded songs that feature certain keywords, such as ‘intro’, ‘track by track’, and ‘commentary’, in order to present you with actual music!

Can I search for historical festivals? How about international ones?
Yep, as long as Songkick has data for it, you can search any festival you like, past or present, at home or abroad!
And are the playlists dated to the time of the festival?
Yes. We have set it so that if you search for a past festival, you will only be presented with music available at that time.
How do you determine how ‘mainstream’ each festival is?
We use the popularity of each artist on Spotify. The more popular the artists, the more mainstream the festival.
Why can’t I play the playlist in browser on mobile?
Unfortunately this is a current limitation of the Spotify playlist widget. We’re working around it as we speak, but for now, what you can do is save the playlist to Spotify using the big yellow ‘Save to Spotify’ button, then open the Spotify app on your phone, where you should find it waiting for you!
My playlist has some odd bands in there. Why?
The Playlister uses artists’ names to compile its lists. In some instances, there may be multiple artists with the same name, and while we have tried to mitigate for this as much as possible, you may find a strange band or two popping up in your playlist e.g. Exodus the steel drum band appearing on a heavy metal playlist, as opposed to Exodus the thrash band. This is especially the case when searching for obscure tracks due to how the Playlister sorts the artists’ tracks by popularity - alas, steel drums just aren’t as popular as thrash metal these days.
Also, unfortunately, Songkick and Spotify aren’t entirely infallible, so there may be the odd erroneous entry on either service...
Why isn’t a particular festival or band listed?
The Playlister pulls its information from Songkick and Spotify, neither of which have truly exhaustive data. Certain artists withhold their music from Spotify for a variety of reasons, while some festivals may not have been added to Songkick’s database, resulting in some omissions on the Playlister.
Why do you ask for so many rights when I save a playlist to Spotify?
To save the playlist to your Spotify account we need write permissions. Unfortunately, Spotify doesn’t allow us to only request the specific rights that we need to add a playlist to your Spotify account. We’re either granted the list of rights that you see requested when you first save a playlist or none at all. We’d prefer to ask for less permissions, but aren’t given that option. We only ever use the rights given to save the playlist to Spotify for you. We don’t save or even access any private (or public) information about you or your Spotify account. We 'push' the playlist to your account and never ‘pull’ any information back.